Antique Swedish Tall Case Grandfather Clock

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Spectacular antique Gustavian style Swedish grandfather clock, tall case clock, or more commonly referred to as a Mora clock. They were made during the late 1700’s to the mid-1800’s and they just have a certain look about them. Kind of hard to put into words, but if there was ever one piece to make a room pop, this antique Swedish Gustavian Mora clock might do the trick. Our company were never big buyers of old grandfather clocks, for the only thing we knew for sure, was that the tall case clocks rarely, if ever actually functioned, without a good cleaning and a knowledgeable restorer. So, when we did manage to purchase an antique grandfather clock, we became obsessed with the aesthetics of the grandfather case and the appearance of the clock face itself. This antique Swedish Gustavian grandfather clock ticks all the right buttons. Gorgeous old case, beautiful paint, intricate gilding and a clock face with a second hand dial and a day of the month indicator. Plus, with (3) finials on the top, it just doesn’t get much better. Little history; The Swedish word for grandfather clock is golvur, although almost everyone calls them Mora, which received its name for the town of Mora in the Dalarna Province of Sweden.

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