Black Forest Bergère Chairs c1800's Set

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Black Forest furniture is both a bit rustic and a little whimsical in nature and dates from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Although most people think of Black Forest as originating in Germany, or Austria, it was also made in France and Switzerland and the Swiss are the ones who actually invented the style in the City of Brienz. The carving of Black Forest furniture and numerous objects was driven by the Tourism trade. We have been very fortunate to purchase an entire room of “real” Black Forest furniture from a chateau outside of Marseille, France, that was bedecked with dozens of Black Forest items, all of which will be listed on 1stdibs. From Black Forest chandelier, scones, bookcase, tables etc. There is also a matching settee-sofa that matches this pair of bergère Black Forest chairs.
**The chairs vary slightly in size. The measurements provided are for the larger chair. The smaller one is 34" high, 29.5" wide and 31.5" deep. The seat heights are the same.

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