Cast Iron Kitchen Island, Butcher Block, Industrial Work Table

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Antique kitchen island, antique work table, kitchen butcher block, or outdoor serving table, the choice is yours. For the past 30-years, old plank has been involved in country-style kitchens, both, English and French designs. Whether it was an unfitted kitchen, using all antique components, or constructing new stainless and bronze kitchen islands, we are always on the lookout for something unusual, great looking and that puts a smile on your face. What you see here in our 1stdibs listing, may just be the most unusual kitchen repurposed antique item yet, for it was a snooker table. Yes, I know it looks too small to be a 12’x 6’ snooker table and so we sliced and diced and made it into two identical kitchen islands. This newly reworked kitchen island was made by Daniel Harris & Son at the Charlemont Bridge Works factory in Dublin, Ireland. Our best guess is that this kitchen island was first constructed in the late 1800s and is made from cast iron, minus one component we had to cast ourselves. To say that this is a sturdy kitchen island, would be a gross understatement, for you probably can place any top surface you can dream of, with no concerns for structural stability. The green paint, minus one side is all old and not something that was recently enhanced. We have been a bit betwixt on what color marble we would add, or whether to install an old butcher block on one end and the rest marble or poured concrete. For these reasons, we thought that we’d first offer the kitchen island, or kitchen work table without a top and let the new owner decide what their preference might be.

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