Custom American Sawbuck Design Dining Table

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Takes 8-12 weeks to manufacture. Custom made to your specifications.
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Most historians believe, the original 1861 ten-dollar US banknote, with the Roman “X”, is the origin of the use of the term sawbuck, both as used in the design of the table and when referring to something costing $10. The term buck, originates from buckskins, where you might say something costs 10 bucks, you were actually referring to the quantity of deer hides or buckskins. Many folks had X-shaped sawbucks in their yard, in order to cut logs. The X design of the sawbuck, holds the wood in a cradle, eliminating any slipping when cutting. The American Sawbuck table, pictured here, was actually constructed in our Old Plank workshop and was fabricated out of reclaimed American wide pine planks. We still have a few pine blanks left and can create another couple of pine sawbuck tables, in almost any length or finish.

Make it your own! We are pleased to accommodate your design needs. Send us your desired dimensions and materials and we will make it possible. Click here for a quote.

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