French Inspired Reclaimed Walnut Trestle Table

Old Plank Collection
Takes 8-12 weeks to manufacture. Custom made to your specifications.
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French inspired, well to be more specific, this Country French dining table used to be manufactured by Comteroux in the south of France. They unequivocally built the finest French dining tables we had ever seen. When they closed their doors, we were lucky enough to be able to purchase some of their aged French hardwoods, which inspired us to continue with their designs. We do not pretend to think we are as good as they were, but we do try our best to manufacture a dining table that will last a 100-years or more. There are no short-cuts taken and each piece of wood used is hand chosen for the grain pattern and how it will look with the adjacent boards. The steel diamonds are inlaid and aged appropriately as are the steel corner edging and even the nails used. Finishes and dimensions are endless.

Make it your own! We are pleased to accommodate your design needs. Send us your desired dimensions and materials and we will make it possible. Click here for a quote.

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