Hand-Crafted French Louis XVI Style Ebonized Commode

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An Old Plank exclusive and part of our constantly expanding collection of hand-crated furniture. Classic French Louis XVI style commode, chest of drawers or a dresser, pick your preference, for they all mean the same. Each Louis XVI style commode is hand-made by local artisans in our Chicago workshop to your exactly specifications, referring to, dimensions, finish, hardware and wood preference. The Louis XVI commode that you see here was finished in an ebonized black over mahogany. The solid brass hardware and brass trim components are all sourced from old established firms in France, who still produce real brass hardware like they did over 100-years ago. Our only nod to the modern era, are the Bloom glides for the drawers, although we can build the commodes without.

Takes 8-12 weeks to manufacture. Custom made to your specifications.
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