Pair New Inspired Art Deco Rawhide Leather Club Chairs

Old Plank Collection
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Our French Classic Moustache Style Art Deco Inspired Leather Club Chairs are hand-made from the finest natural materials one can source. Beginning with a heavy solid hardwood frame made in our Old Plank woodworking department designed to last for generations. Followed by the ultimate in real comfort, we’ve installed (49) coil springs, while for padding our Old Plank Upholstery Department exclusively uses only natural materials, such as coco fiber, which is extracted from the husk of a coconut (used also in Mercedes-Benz seats), 100% pure cotton, wadded wool and natural horsehair. The Leather is the finest Europe has to offer and can be applied smooth side out, or in this particular application, we could not resist reversing the Leather and leaving just the welting and feet smooth. Speaking of feet, did you notice the beautiful brass pads mounted to the bottom of the Club Chair’s feet? There are virtually endless optional Leathers and Fabrics available for our French Moustache style Club Chairs, or you can send in your own material for the Club Chairs. On the more technical side in constructing our authentic French influenced Leather Moustache Club Chairs, there are 24-man hours of labor in building just the pair of hardwood frames, we call a birdcage and a further 134-man hours of labor springing and upholstering the pair of French style Moustache Club Chairs. Total labor to build a pair of the highest quality French Moustache style Leather Club chairs is a staggering 158-man hours of labor. Some things in life just cannot be rushed, if you are truly striving for perfection, such as our drop-dead gorgeous Old Plank Moustache Club Chairs, patience becomes a must.


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