Antique Black Forest Hand-Carved Candle-Lite Wooden Chandelier

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In Europe Black Forest carvings became a symbol of wealth beginning in the 1800’s and were found in the homes of elite collectors. The history of Black Forest carvings dates back to the early 1800’s from the town of Brienz in Switzerland. Black Forest carving began as a cottage industry and found a niche market from the local tourist trade. When one thinks of Black Forest carvings, they immediately think of the stereo typical carved bears and that’s probably because there are thousands of reproductions out there. Old Plank has discovered a treasure trove of Black Forest carved furniture from a Chateau located just outside of Marseille, France, whose owner was obsessed with Black Forest. In the coming weeks, you will see us list a number of incredible Black Forest items, many made in pairs and all will be offered on 1stdibs. The Black Forest chandelier we are listing today, was probably carved before homes had electricity. On a separate note; The world's first public electricity was in 1881 in the streets of Godalming, Surrey in the UK. While Edison had invented the light bulb just a few years prior. Our Black Forest chandelier most likely dates from this same period and while it was a difficult decision, we decided to leave it lite by the soft glow of burning candles, however, like most all chandeliers it certainly can be converted to electricity. The chain you see on our Black Forest chandelier is carved from wood and can be removed if one so choses.
**The height provided does not include the 20.5" wood chain.

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