Antique Black Forest Hand Carved Mirror Original

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Antique black forest mirror (one-half of a pair), that were part of a major collection of black forest items sold by a Chateau outside of Marseille, France. There were over (40) antique Black Forest items in the chateau and we were lucky enough to purchase the entire lot. Old Plank has been collecting Black Forest Furniture and Black Forest Accessories for over 30-years and never have we witnessed a collection of Black Forest Furniture of this stature. This was like finding the motherlode of Black Forest Furniture and it was all displayed in one huge room of the Chateau. This Black Forest Mirror has a Matching mate and will be slightly different because each was hand carved. The Patina of the Black Forest Mirror itself is what sets it apart from others. Black Forest history actually began in Switzerland during the 1800s and grew with the increasing tourist trade. The tourists visiting Switzerland loved their rustic and whimsical carvings. By the mid to late 1800s the small animal carvings grew into furniture and we believe that this Black Forest Mirror was hand carved in the late 1800s. Our pair of matched Black Forest Mirrors are unrestored and our Old Plank restoration department only washed the wood.

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