Antique English Oak Baker's Cupboard or Coat Closet

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Antique English Oak Baker’s Cupboard with two moulded panel doors from the early 1700’s and appears to be completely unrestored and unbelievably does not require restoration. The last owner used the Antique English Baker’s Cupboard as a Hall Coat Closet, note the wood hooks inside. Our initial thought for our Antique English Cupboard was to attach the center panel to either door and allow it to bi-fold. In making this Antique Cupboard a perfect way to hide that big ugly TV mounted to your wall. Call it adaptive reuse if you choose, for architects describe it as; “a way to breathe new life into empty historic structures”. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch, however when considering the charm, character and warmth that this 300-year-old Cupboard brings to a room is hard it becomes hard to argue with. Our Old Plank in house restoration department is available to construct shelves, or make any modifications you might consider making. When an Antique Armoire, Cabinet or Baker’s Cupboard is 300-years-old, they typically take on a patination that is virtually impossible to duplicate and this 300-year-old English Oak Cupboard, Coat Closet or Armoire just oozes with patina.

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