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Another selection from our vast collection of Black Forest Furniture, is a beautiful small Dining Table or game table with a set of matching Black Forest Chairs. Black Forest Furniture is both, a bit rustic blended with a good dose of whimsy. Our Black Forest table comes with (6) Dining Chairs that can be priced separately if desired. Black Forest Furniture items date from the late 1800s, although most people believe Black Forest originated in Germany or Austria, it was the Swiss who are the ones that invented the style from the City of Brienz. Originally, they carved small animal sculptures driven by the Tourist trade but ultimately started building furniture which has been highly collectible for decades. Somehow, almost magically we discovered a Collection of (42) pieces of original Black Forest Furniture from a French Chateau, and every Black Forest item was placed in one magnificent room. The huge collection includes; chandeliers, scones, mirrors, bookcases, tables, chairs, sofas, display cabinets, etc and all of our Black Forest Furniture will be posted to 1stdibs as fast as we can photograph the items. Chair dimensions are below and since each Black Forest chair is carved by hand, each chair will vary slightly in size.
**The chairs are 38.63" high, 19.38" seat height, 17.38" wide, and 17.38" depth. These measurements are average because each chair varies in size,

**Measurements provided are for the table.

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