Classic French Louis XIII Style Custom Order Built Armoire

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Takes 10-12 weeks to manufacture, call for more details.
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Every once in a while, we’re challenged by a design group with a really difficult project. More likely is the scenario that everyone already turned it down and they were left with no alternatives. This happens to be one of those projects, where the client wanted it to look Authentic 18th c French in the Louis XIII Style, however, it needed to functional as a new 21st century cabinet. We first sourced Reclaimed thick White Oak that would require no distressing, for we wanted the cabinet to look Period, without any artificial assistance. Little details, like the interior back walls of the closet had to be made from the same Reclaimed White Oak and not a modern plywood. All of the interior LED lighting also had to be hidden and would illuminate automatically when opening the doors and of course, you can change the lighting mood from cool to warm. For the sake of ingress and egress, the cabinet is constructed in two halves, each weighing about 500 pounds. The classic Louis XIII style doors were not cut on some modern CNC machine, but rather made by one of our Artisan's and the geometric shapes were scraped by hand with an old wooden plane for those crisp sharp angles. To build a Rolls Royce today, requires roughly 450-man hours of labor and to hand-craft this Louis XIII cupboard, required 893-hours of carpentry and 84-hours in our Old Plank finishing department. The difference is in the tiniest details, for look hard at the door profile and all the moldings required to give it that classic Louis XIII appearance, which in turn creates the shadows and adds an overall authenticity to the Louis XIII Style Cupboard. Made to order in any dimension or finish.

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