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Takes 23-24 weeks to manufacture. Custom made to your specifications.
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Spectacular, is an understatement for our 14’ Long Walnut Dining Table that will comfortably seat 16-20 family members, or close friends for that special occasion. The longer you look at our Walnut Trestle Dining Table, the more you will begin to realize that this table is a true work of art and not a piece of ordinary mundane furniture. Spend a little more time closely examining the trestle base and you will also note that the underside of the walnut dining table is as beautifully crafted as the top surface. Speaking of the walnut dining table top, you will see that all the boards are book-matched and about a foot wide each. The carpentry portion alone for our walnut dining table required 440-man hours of labor, with a further 40-hours of hand-sanding and 40-additional hours in our Old Plank finishing department. That adds up to 520-man hours of labor to build one virtually flawless dining table, that will last for generations to come. Our very biased opinion is that our Old Plank Walnut Dining Table has been transformed into a magnificent piece of finely crafted sculpture. 

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