Antique German Baroque Armoire in Stripped Pine

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Antique German Baroque Armoire or Cabinet with two doors built in the mid-1700’s, based on the hardware and construction. The Antique Armoire is made from Stripped Pine and has numerous interesting details and we were slightly tempted to apply an Antique Painted finished to the Pine, but thought it was rather interesting as is. Structurally the cabinet is sound and it was designed to be broken down into two vertical halves, which is not really that uncommon in Europe. Surely makes for easy ingress and egress in tight spaces or those old hallways with a 90-degree turn. The detail work on the door hinges is really something special in particular when you look close at those domed head nails. The lock was rebuilt and now has a working key.
*The lock on the top adds another 1.13" to the height of the piece.

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